Maintain a low-risk,
Maintain a
high-performance testing environment—
even as you transition systems
Over the years you’ve relied on Instron and your 4400/5500 system to help you mitigate product- and regulatory-related risks while generating accurate and repeatable data. You’ve also made significant progress in other areas, such as facilitating new product development and meeting customer lead times to achieve revenue goals. Yet it’s a strain to make further gains when you’re up against growing pressures.
Innovation squeeze
and brand threats

The expectation to introduce products more quickly is reducing product cycle times. And despite a reputation for quality, a few negative comments on social media can potentially damage your brand.

Tight testing

Testing processes now call for using less material and delivering tighter tolerances with less variability—making data accuracy and integrity more critical than ever.

Stringent safety

New and emerging regulatory requirements focused on safety mean you must be able to trace all your activities to prove you have performed tests appropriately.

You may be trying to address these demands using your legacy 4400/5500 system. Yet these systems were designed in the 1990s and last produced in the 2000s, so many parts are outdated, no longer produced, and expensive to replace.


Without a plan in place for migrating from your 4400/5500, you could experience unplanned—and extended—downtime, along with other risks.

Unnecessary variation
in test results

When you don’t have the latest technology—or you replace your Instron system with a product from a different supplier—you increase the chance of inconsistent testing results.

Loss of repeatability
and reproducibility

The inability to repeat and reproduce your results can cause product quality and productivity issues that may lead to defective products, unexpected costs, and delayed revenue.


Some 4400/5500 systems may be running an older operating system that no longer receives security updates from Microsoft—leaving your company vulnerable to a security breach.

On top of this, having an older system with an outdated user interface may be less appealing to a new generation of operators.

By evolving your partnership with Instron, you can

Transition your testing system

without risk

When you take this approach, you’ll gain new capabilities, such as best-in-class safety and advanced traceability, while reducing the risks of unexpected costs, production halts, and frustrated stakeholders. You’ll also produce quality products in an efficient manner while positioning your lab to attract and retain skilled labor.

But before you take this approach, you need to know that you can overcome key concerns:

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